Decorating Your Home Easter Brunch

Egg Garland. Want to display eggs, but think outside the basket? Buy cheap plastic eggs with holes on the top and bottom. Thread ribbons or yarn through the bottom of the first egg making sure to leave some to tie into a pretty bow at the end. Thread ribbon through top half of egg then attach the egg. Repeat these steps until you have the length you want. You may even spray paint them your desired color. Hang it from your mantel, doorway or anywhere else that needs a little spring cheer.
Egg Wreath. Brighten up your home’s entry with a colorful Easter wreath. Use hot glue to attach layers of faux spring branches and moss to a grape wood wreath for a crisp welcoming image.  Check craft stores for twine-and-raffia carrots and mini egg-filled nests for that perfect finishing touch.

Happy Easter Bunny Kid’s Wall Decal

Egg Decorating with Kids. If you’re allowing your kids to decorate, but are still weary of letting them anywhere near any dye, give them a crayon instead. They can draw anything they want on boiled egg, and it will show up after YOU dunk the egg in some dye. You can use any color crayon, but the mystery of a white crayon can make things even more exciting for the kiddies. Make the kids decorating area animated with this Happy Easter! Wall Decal decal.

DIY Colorful Foiled Eggs. The famous “golden egg” never looked quite so cool and organic. They make a statement. Start with these supplies: Hard-boiled eggs, Gold Leaf glue, Gold Leaf, and a small paint brush. Apply gold leaf foil glue to a dry boiled egg in your desired pattern and allow to dry completely. The glue will turn clear when dry and be tacky to the touch, but not wet. With tweezers or fingers, apply pieces of gold leaf to dried glue. Gently press gold leaf down with fingers and rub the gold leaf to smooth and remove excess glue. When completely finished gently rub entire egg with a paper towel to remove any loose pieces of gold leaf.

Spring Colorful Easter Butterflies.

Center Piece Ideas:

Clover Basket: Clovers are a fanciful that presents a fitting way of nestling Easter eggs inside a fresh basket. They are inexpensive and give the illusion of a green meadow at your table. Add some daffodils for a truly spring impression.

Pansies, Bunnies, Butterflies, Oh My: Easter Basket. If you’re tired of the spring pastel look, opt for pansies in a dark brown basket. For added fun, include a chocolate bunny or/and butterflies (edible, if you can find them). Add this Lavender Butterfly Set Decal decal to further accent your centerpiece.

Eggs and Carnations: Make a playful bouquet of carnations on top a footed bowl. Nestle dyed eggs in a smaller bowl and place it in the center of the flowers. Cut carnation stems about 2 or 3 inches long and pack the blooms around the bowl of eggs.

Pussy Willow Arrangement: This elegant table top center piece will be a great addition to any Easter dinner or brunch. Cover a small galvanized bucket with fresh-cut pussy willow branches. To create this look, wrap two rubber bands around the outside of the bucket, approximately one-third from the top and bottom rims. Cut enough pussy willow stalks to embellish the bucket’s exterior. Mix the lengths by 1-3 inches, keeping the branches very close together by slipping them behind the rubber bands. When most of the container is covered, add short branches behind only the lower rubber band, hiding any gaps. Use a glue gun to add individual stems, or wrap decorative twine to hide the rubber bands. Fill your container with cheerful spring flowers, such as a mix of dark and light pink tulips.

Easy Chair Decoration. Tie pretty bows on the back of chairs. Chose colors that complement your theme and centerpiece. This is such quick and easy addition, but it can be a great compliment to your décor.


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