How To Throw A Party Where Everyone Including Your...

How To Throw A Party Where Everyone Including Yourself Has A Good Time

Remember: Less is definitely more. For a party to go down in history within a friend-group, it has less to do with the perfect place setting, fancy mixed drinks or the overt displays of expenses. In fact, our favorite celebrations are the simplest ones: good music, an ample supply of munchies and drinks. The foundation of any great host is to be as relaxed as can be. How to be that sort of host? Follow these 10 very simple pieces of advice.

#1 Figure out the music situation ahead of time

Know your theme and audience. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests, in advance, if they have special requests. Most music stream applications, such as Spotify and Pandora allow users to easily share their playlists with friends through the app. You can set up a speaker area and invite friends to rotate plugging in their own music into the speaker throughout the party. Don’t want to bother your friends? There are plenty of pre-made playlist available on these apps. Listen to your playlist as you set up your party, you’ll know right away if the music feels right before the party starts.

#2 Decorate without worrying about clean up

Speaking of music and decorations, try our music wall decals, such as this music lounge decal. They won’t take up room at your party and they won’t get in the way or break if things get wild. They stand out and can easily help with themed parties or simply create an environment for entertaining. Whatever message you want to spread at you part, remember the best part, you can take them down easily when ever you’re ready.

#3 Wear shoes you can actually feel comfortable in

If that means platform stilettos, go for it. If that means flats, by all means. You should be comfortable with your look. That goes for your hair and outfit, too. Remember, feeling confident makes you more comfortable, but be realistic.

#4 Create a self-serve situation

I love having a build-your-own taco bar with all the fixings: beans, rice, cheese, salsa and tortillas. Or try a bruschetta bar with slices of bread, tomatoes, marinara, prosciutto, olive tapenade, and some Gorgonzola and ricotta cheese. It even gives picky eaters a chance to enjoy themselves. Everyone flocks to the food, invite them to dig in.

#5 Prepared foods can be picked up with love

There’s nothing wrong with getting some help with prepared food. In the end, guests care about flavor and variety. Sometimes trying to do it all by yourself can end up just as costly and far more time consuming. Try a local spot or even the grocery store.

#6 Enjoying food with limited sitting and fewer utensils

If you have limited seating at your party, make the food cocktail style so that guest can get by with carrying things on just a napkin. That way they can stand and walk around without feeling the need to sit down to enjoy their food. Try pigs in a blanket, stuffed mushrooms, or a compact caprese salad (cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil on a toothpick). This cuts cleaning time and the expense of utensils. Don’t forget some awesome drinks.

P.S. for your decoration you can even use this awesome temporary cosmopolitan vinyl decal.

#7 Don’t be shy, take your guests up on their offer to bring stuff

If you need it, ask for it! Most of the time you can tell when someone it being genuine in their offer. Test: is this a friend that you would not hesitate to bring something for their party? Chances are they feel the same way.

#8 Avoid a house fire

Give your home a sweet aroma worry free.  For about an hour, simmer hot water on the stove with vanilla extract, lemon slices and rosemary right before your party begins.

#9 Don’t forget little important things

Accessible trash bins, bottle openers, serving utensils, ice etc. Pro tip: Keep areas for phone charging clear too (because you know they’ll ask).

#10 Make a designated recycle area

A simple “cans and bottles here!” sign is all it takes to make sure your party is environmentally aware. This will even prevent you house from being a disaster the next morning.

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